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I'm Aaroh. I work on the Developer Experience Team at Plaid, democratizing access to financial infrastructure for the next wave of fintech companies!

If you'd like, you can book a quick chat with me! Here's a resume.

Recent Blog Posts

The Workstation

A Living Document

I'm pretty proud of the work setup that I've built over the last year, so I wanted to show it off a bit. Hopefully you find some things to incorporate into your setup that you find cool!

Pandemic Job Hunting


In January of 2021, I decided that I wanted to move on from Facebook. The culture wasn't the same as it was during my internship, and I felt myself being constrained by the process of a large company. So I went job hunting!

Contributing to Open Source


I was recently invited to speak at Github Field Day LA on a topic of my choice. As Github was the main sponsor of the event, I thought I would give a talk on my experience in the overarching Open Source Community, and how/why to get started with making contributions to Open Source projects.

Cleaning Up Your Code


If you've been programming for any period of time, you've probably seen bad code. The kind that you're scared of touching for fear of breaking the program, the kind that employs some trickery that is beyond any documentation found online, the kind that slows you down.

Bash Functions: a more powerful alias


If you use bash a fair amount, you probably have some aliases set up. However, have there been times you wish you had some more control over the functionality of your alias?