A photo of Aaroh, smiling at the camera with a forest background.

Aaroh Mankad

Twitter, Tiktok


I'm on the Customer Growth and Experience team at Plaid. We focus on both growing the number of customers using Plaid, and increasing customer retention. We do this by shipping early and often, with customer input.
  • Spearheaded our first AI-enabled feature with Bill, a chatbot to help customers answer questions about our docs.

  • Shipped an automated Dashboard Alerting system, that allows us to alert customers on Institution Status changes. Dashboard Alerting reduced Support ticket burden by 23%.

  • Currently: scoping a feature that will enable Growth+ Plan customers to get an AI Account Manager, capable of answering questions specific to their integration and traffic patterns


Tech-fluencing about the industry, better money habits, and generally posting about my life on Tiktok.

Continually trying to learn new things, previous interests in reverse-chrononogical order: fragrances, running, coffee, lifting, reading,climbing, speedsolving Rubik's cubes.