Aaroh Mankad


A summary of me, my interests, my tech career, and my goals.


Hi! My name is Aaroh, and I'm a software engineer based out of Seattle. I'm extremely interested in tech as a tool to enable people, whether that's preserving their memories or taking control of their finances.

I'm also passionate about teaching others through documenting my own life. That means

  1. constantly working to improve myself, and
  2. sharing what I learn back to my followers on Tiktok.
My ultimate life goal is to retire as early as possible and teach Computer Science in high school.

Because I work in tech, I make way more money than I need to spend. I use all this extra money to help me achieve my "ultimate life goal" faster by investing 80%+ of my compensation. You can see my portfolio breakdown here.

I want to live to be 102. (That way I could have lived in 3 centuries: 1900s, 2000s, 2100s!) To get there, I have to stay active. I lift and climb at the Seattle Bouldering Project in Fremont on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 7am and Saturday at 9am. Say hi if you ever see me!


I'm currently working at Plaid, a fintech company that provides an API around traditional banking services. In the 5+ years I've been in tech, I spent the first three learning and hacking on personal projects, another three interning and freelancing my way through college to pay the bills, one at Facebook during a short-lived stint in Storage Infra, and now just over 1 at Plaid. If you want to read more, you can find me on LinkedIn.

Jul 2022

Moved to Developer Build Team

Had the opportunity to take a leadership position on this new team. Focusing specifically on the “build” stage of the Developer Lifecycle.

Mar 2021

Started at Plaid

I started at Plaid because I really wanted to work at a mission-based company. (After working at Facebook, which was definitively not that.) I feel amazing about the work I do, and that’s been priceless.

Nov 2019

Started at Facebook

Out of the couple offers I had as a new grad, I chose to go with the larger company. This was mainly because I wanted to ensure a safety net for myself before venturing out into “riskier” startups over time. In hindsight, I don’t know if I would make the same decision now.

Sep 2016

Miscellaneous Freelancing

I was kinda left alone to pay for college, and I didn’t want to work a typical college job. I used my previous web development experience and built some pretty cool 0-to-MVP style apps for people.

This Site

This site was built by SJ Zhang. I liked the design, and wanted to get some experience using Notion as a Content CMS, so I copied + modified it a bit. If you want to learn more about the base project, check out SJ's website. I've added the following changes:

  • generated Career section (the one above), rather than explicitly writing the content.
  • generated filters in the Reading List




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