The Workstation

I'm pretty proud of the work setup that I've built over the last year, so I wanted to show it off a bit. Hopefully you find some things to incorporate into your setup that you find cool! I've linked items that I am a specific fan of. All links are non-affiliate and use a link where possible.

The Big 🎟 Items

  • Uplift 60x30 Sit-Stand Desk: A huge amount of space to spread out and still have room for random packages, food, or anything else I'm tinkering with at the time. Also, standing is good for you! (Desk mat and standing desk mat come as freebies.)
  • Herman Miller Embody: The absolute best chair for working long hours. Comfy enough for those long Netflix binge sessions, but also for when you need to buckle in and handle a SEV.
  • Dell U3417W Ultrawide Monitor: Who doesn't love to have 3 windows open at all times?! The standard layout is Work Chat (1/3), a browser (2/3). VS Code and iTerm2 in their own dedicated workspaces for all the screen real estate I could want. Paired with the Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm to minimize desk footprint.
  • 2019 15in Macbook Pro: Company provided. Probably the least important part of the Big Ticket Items as most of my work is done ssh'ed into a big boy machine.
  • Sony A6500 w/ 18-105mm f4 Lens: If I have to join a Zoom link on my laptop, or want to make a particularly crispy impression, I'll join with this as my webcam. Paired with the RODE VideoMicro for audio.
  • Bose NC700 Headphones: Not so necessary in the new WFH world, but still unrivaled to strap on for heavy coding sessions.

Accessories To Tie It Together

  • Notebook: Probably the most important accessory I use day-to-day. I track TODO items for the day, but also meeting takeaways, pain points that I can revisit, and I also track my training plan here! This one I got for free from my friend Karen.
  • Portal+: A dedicated VC machine that provides conference room level noise isolation. (Ditch the headphones!) The camera/mic follow you around so you can be sure your ideas are being heard and seen. I got one for my family at home too, and this makes it super easy to stay connected two states away!
  • Leopold FC660C Keyboard: A tactile topre keyboard that is comfortable enough to make me want to keep typing, even when I don't have anything to type. Completely matte black for extra style points 😎
  • Logitech MX Master 3: The top-of-the-line ergonomic mouse by Logitech that fits my hand like a glove.
  • Nanami Wireless Charging Stand: I got this for free from our local Buy Nothing group. It plugs into the monitor and makes sure my phone is always ready for a long walk!

The Real Fun Stuff 🎉

  • Training For Climbing: The climbing training Bible. I read this before my workout, at lunch, or after work as part of "forever improving" at climbing.
  • Tape: Sometimes I train a bit too hard before work, and I need to tape up my fingers because they're sore.
  • Glasses: I have a couple pairs: one that's blue-light blocking for work, and two for everything else. They are the Manchester from EyeBuyDirect and the Burke from Warby Parker.
  • Vitamin D: Critical in the PNW winters, where the sun sets at 4pm and there are less chances to get Vitamin D naturally from being outdoors.
  • Fidget/Personal Wellness Toys: I'm a big proponent of "active" fidget toys, i.e. ones that you can't mindlessly play with. I keep a Cosmic WeiLong WR M SpeedCube, lacrosse ball, physical therapy putty, and finger extensor trainers on my desk for whatever I feel like playing with at the time.
  • The Greenhouse: I like to work around some signs of greenery and life. In order from bottom-left to top-right, I have a: Golden Pothos, Lemon-Lime Maranta, a Dragon Tree, Asparagus Fern, Peacock Plant, and a Gold Dust Dracaena.